Hajj Package Details


* Flight to Jeddah Return Flight from Madinah or Jeddah (TBC) Indirect

* 10 Nights in Makkah Hilton Suites with Half Board Meals

* 3/4  Nights In Madinah Millennium Taibah with Half Board Meals

* Private coach from Makkah to Madinah and Madinah hotel to Madinah Airport. All other coaches will be provided by the Muallim

* Hajj Draft and Visa Included

* Mina service with Full Board Meals provided by Muallim in European Tents

* Arafat A/C Tents with Complimentary Lunch Provided by the Mualim

* Muzdalifah

* Ziyaarah in Madinah Only (If Ministry allows then we will also take you for Ziyaarah in Makkah)

* All Necessary Documents needed to obtain your Hajj Visa will be provided

* Guided tour throughout the journey by experienced guides and scholars (English/Urdu/Bengali/Punjabi)

* Qualified First Aider with groups