Hajj Package Details

  •     Airline Ticket London-Medina- Jeddah-London
  •     Hajj Visas and Hajj Drafts
  •     Makkah Hotel 5* (Marriot Hotel Half Board)
  •     Madina Hotel (Zamzam Hotel/Rehab A;lnuur, Half Board)
  •     Prices inclusive of Transport & is provided by the ministry of Hajj
  •     Visit to the historical sights in Madina, only Quba Masjid and Uhud
  •     European tent in Mina with sofa bed pillow, blanket (Full Board)
  •     Air Conditioned tent in Arafat
  •     Aziziyah standard accommodation 2 days before Hajj and 2 days after Hajj (Half Board)
  •     Date may vary subject to airline scheduling and the sighting of the moon


Flight Details


From To Flight No Departure Date Departure Time Arrival Time
London, Heathrow Istanbol TK1980      
Istanbol Medinah TK5896      
Jedah Istanbol TK159      
Istanbol London,Heathrow TK1963